EU Vans provide a professional property clearance service for both private and rented houses, commercial offices and buildings. Both large and small items, large and small properties are tackled by EU Vans. We clear in an efficient and quick manner because we know where every thing needs to go.

Our clearance service is suitable for decluttering your home or business premises or, clearing a rental property for the next tenant after the previous tenant has left. We have the compassion of tidying away the items of deceased estates. At all times we work with respect to your private affairs with complete confidentiality and security in mind.

We do the heavy lifting so you don’t suffer the backache and heartache.

We come and do a free assessment of what needs to be cleared from your premises and will promptly quote you for the cost of doing the job. Responsible and safe disposal of unwanted items is guaranteed. Recyclable items are brought to the appropriate recycling plants. We sort items on wether they are still in good condition, useful or not and take whats good to charitable organisations.