At EU Vans we offer a comprehensive and regulated document shredding service.

The shredding process of your confidential data is our main and overriding priority, closely supervised and monitored by both you and our trained staff who are security screened.

We shred to prevent unscrupulous parties gaining access to the contents of your documentation after it leaves your premises for disposal and recycling.

Keep your reputation intact by knowing that your customers information is secure and not subject to identity theft. Be confident that you won’t suffer bad publicity and loss of business due to prosecutions caused by a lack of diligence when it comes to data protection and your obligation to adhere to legal requirements.

In addition to this EU Vans will provide you with advice on how to comply with the relevant data protection legislation. We offer (free?) security surveys to help you improve your information management process that will ensure that it is kept up to date.

Shredding will fulfil your policy to recycle and protect the environment with the following benefits for us all when one tonne of paper is recycled.

  • 15 average sized trees are saved
  • 60% less energy is consumed
  • 50% less water is used
  • A reduction in our carbon foot print is realised.
  • A saving of 1.8 cubic meters of landfill is achieved.

We follow internationally recognised quality procedures conforming to established security and environmental policies. This includes the provision of a complete destruction audit trail by EU Vans. Our equipment uses state of the art, high security, 4mm crosscut shredding blades, as required by government and defence bodies, and can dispose up to (TO BE CONFIRMED) amount per hour.