EU Vans can facilitate the logistics of moving your vehicles when you don’t have the time or drivers to do the driving. We pick up and deliver cars and motorcycles all over Europe. Where conditions dictate that your vehicle can’t be delivered until a certain date; we can provide storage, long term or short term, for your vehicle.

This service is ideal if you have:

  • Purchased vehicles online or through trade magazines.
  • Are a dealer buying lots from auctions.
  • A collector of vintage and classic cars.
  • An enthusiast for rally sports and competitive driving activities.
  • Need to have a tractor delivered.
  • Salvaged, crashed and damaged vehicles that can’t be driven on road.

Breakdown and Fleet Recovery

Of course we also are here to help in your hour of need during a breakdown. With 24 hour assistance we will get your vehicle off the side of the road. Your Emergency is a job for us. Call us at +353 (56) 776 0494 or on mobile at +353 (86) 852 2695.